MTG deck manager, game tracker and card scanner




Dexor makes it easy to keep track of your decks, tournaments and games, when playing Magic The Gathering. It's simple to manage your decks. You can add card lists using the card scanner feature. Track games on the fly, and follow up on how your individual decks perform, and see how you rank against your friends.


Manage decks

Build your own library of decks

Connect with friends

Connect with your friends to form guilds and tournaments

Track games

Register game events on the fly

Statistics and ranks

See how you and your decks perform compared to your friends, across guilds, tournaments etc.

Cards and decks in detail

Get mana curves, card type distribution, prices etc. for each deck.

Scan cards

Scan your cards easily for each deck using the card scanner

In detail

Deck management

Register all your decks for easy on-the-fly tracking.

If you want to add complete deck lists, you can either use the card scanner or import lists using the most common formats.

Card data is syncronized with the Scryfall API, so you can get updated prices.

Card scanner

Use the card scanner to add card data to your decks.

The card scanner uses simple yet effective image recognition, together with a card database that is automatically updated when new sets and extensions are released.

Guilds and tournaments

Create a guild for you and your friends to track ad hoc games. Guilds provide ranking of its members and a summary of all games played within the guild.

You can also create tournaments, for sessions within or outside your guild.

Track games

Create a game, add players by their starting position and you're started. Whenever a player is eliminated, add it using the event log.

Dexor supports different game modes:

  • Basic One vs One
  • One vs One (Best of 3).
  • Multiplayer (All vs. All) - for more players with free targets.
  • Multiplayer (Defend Right Attack Left) - for multiplayer games, where you're only allowed to attack left.

Video guides

These video guides can walk you through the different areas of the app. If something is still unclear, after viewing these guides, please let us know:

Create a deck and scan cards

  • A deck is created
  • Cards are added using the card scanner
  • Deck list is optimized by price (and duplicate cards merged).
  • Deck is exported by sharing or copy/pasting

Create a guild for ad hoc games

  • Peter creates a public guild and invites his friends Eric and Marc.
  • Marc accepts the invitation
  • Paul searches for the guild and requests to join
  • Peter accepts Paul's join request
  • Peter edits the guild and makes it private so nobody else can request to join.

Create a tournament and track games

  • A tournament is created with a name and image
  • Eric, Marc and Paul are invited
  • Game plan is generated with tournament mode "Elimination" and game mode "1 vs 1"
  • First game is tracked by adding a "game event"

Plans & Pricing

Free PRO
Guilds Up to 1
Tournaments Up to 3
Decks Up to 10
Games Up to 25
Cards Up to 100
Free $0.99 / month

Contact & Support

For questions, feature request, bug reports etc. please contact

Account & data deletion

For complete account & data deletion, use in-app deletion or contact


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